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Summer in Australia brings high temperatures that make air conditioners necessary in many homes and businesses. Knowing which option is right for you can be challenging since so many options are on the market. Here's where we can help.

Whether you want a split or ducted system, we can help you choose the one that's right for you. It is imperative to remember that both types of systems require licensed and insured installation.

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Aircon Electrician Services we Offer

Our highly skilled staff are capable of providing maintenance and repair services for all air conditioning systems, ranging from split systems, reverse cycle systems, ducted systems, to evaporative coolers. Customer service and quality provision are our top priorities.

Emergency 24-hour AC Repair Service

We provide emergency 24-hour AC repair service in case of any emergencies including leakage, sparks, etc.

Installation & Maintenance Services

For professional air conditioning installation and maintenance services in Brisbane, Lux Air Services is your best option. Our experienced team of experts will provide you with the best advice for the right ducted or split system air conditioning to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Maintaining a healthy and allergen-free household and the commercial system starts with keeping your air conditioning running smoothly and efficiently. Regular air conditioning servicing prevents dirt, dust, and mold from building up in your unit.

Summer Cooling Services

Our summer cooling services are designed to ensure your air conditioner is prepared for months of reliable operation before Brisbane’s summer heat arrives. Our experienced aircon electricians clean the filters, repair the outdoor units, and replace any mould, ensuring your system functions optimally.

Winter Heating Services

You can ensure your family breathes the purest air by keeping your air conditioner filter clean. Ducted air conditioner filters catch dust particles to prevent you from breathing them in. Regularly cleaning your filter will prevent it from clogging, allowing moisture to collect and grow mold.

When you regularly clean and service your ducted heating system, you won’t have to deal with dust in your system as it can move more cool air or heated air into your home.

Our aircon electrician ensures that you have proper heating systems in winter.

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We have a 24/7 breakdown service and our team is ready to help. Please call us on 1300 417 397

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Why Hire an Aircon Electrician?
    Professional and well-trained teams ensure quality work and efficiency. Consider several factors before installing an air conditioning system in home or business.

    Taking on the heavy lifting can be a challenge, and this is where the benefits of hiring a professional come into play. In addition to assessing your space, they can guide you on which systems and units can fit within its parameters.

    It's more cost-effective to invest in your building rather than lose out on lost costs if you have trained professionals on site.

How to Choose the Right Aircon Electrician

How Does One Pick the Right Air Conditioner? | Lux Air Services
Certification/Licensing. Prior to engaging the services of a professional AC technician, it is important to ensure they are properly licensed and certified in air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance.

Our commitment to exceptional AC installation, repair, and maintenance is of utmost importance to ensure customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most superior service and products, delivered by certified electricians and air-conditioning professionals.

Get a free quote for an air conditioner installation. Contact us to discuss your cooling needs in detail or request one online.
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Why Choose Lux Air Services?
A Lux Air Services team of air conditioning experts install, maintain, and repair split systems, ducted air conditioning, and large HVAC units. You can expect outstanding customer service with years of experience from us. Here are a few points that set us apart.
Jobs done right the first time

Prompt response times

Upfront, fixed quotes before the work starts

Full-equipped trucks

Safe, respectful, & clean staff that you can trust

What Our Clients Say
Electrical Outlet & Switch Repair
Friendly and prompt service to replace the isolator switch on my stove/oven. Was able to troubleshoot the issue to resolve it, even though it didn't present as normal. Reliable, responsive and well priced. Thank you so much. - Rebecca Hamilton
What Our Clients Say
Outdoor Lighting Installation
Lux Air are a fantastic family run business. Their service is great and they are prompt with all communication. We use them for all our work at a our rental agency and couldn't be happier. - Kylie Woodbine
What Our Clients Say
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness
Matt and the team at Lux Air Services are second to none! Came and sorted out our faulty aircon in no time at all. Was suprised how fast they fixed the issue and will definitely be using them again. 10/10! - John Kefaloukos

We have a 24/7 breakdown service and our team is ready to help. Please call us on

1300 417 397

Frequently Asked Questions

Check for the certificate and license of a professional aircon electrician.
It depends on several factors. Call us to learn more!
Aircon electricians are safer and more professional in installing, maintaining, and repairing AC services.
Air Conditioner Power-saving Tips | Lux Air Services

Are You Looking For An Aircon Electrician In Brisbane?

At Lux Air Services, we are proud to provide top-tier air conditioning services, all carried out by our licensed and reliable electricians. Our technicians are qualified to install, repair, and maintain air conditioners from all major brands. You can trust us to deliver an exceptional service.

Contact us for all your need air conditioner installation or repair! Request a quote today!
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