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AC Filter Cleaning Brisbane

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AC Filter Cleaning

In summer, having a reliable, clean air conditioning system is beyond a must. There is nothing better than to flee unbearable heat into the cool caresses of a crisply air conditioned building. However, it is imperative – in order to maintain this coolness and airflow – to keep such air conditioners and their systems clean and functional. No matter the air conditioning system – no matter the building – cleanliness will always remain key.

Now that we’ve established the essential nature of air conditioning cleanliness – the next item of business is to ask yourself just how, exactly, you plan to find and hire the perfect air cleaning service for your home or business. The air conditioning system cleaning depends on how you maintain the cleaning of your aircon filters . The AC filters help to provide clean and fresh air and reduce the burden on your AC unit. Lux Air Services help you clean your AC filters through our team of trained and knowledgeable AC technicians.

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Why AC Filter Cleaning?

Regular maintenance of the Air con unit is imperative for optimal performance of your air conditioning unit.It is recommended to adhere to a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that your  air Conditioning  unit functions at its best.

Air conditioning filters help to remove dust and other particles from entering your Air Conditioning system. This helps in keeping the air con clean and more powerful. Any time dust and bacteria may affect the efficiency of the air conditioning unit .

That’s why it becomes necessary to keep the air filters clean so that your family health and efficiency of the air con unit remain effective.

When Is The Best Time To Buy An Air Conditioner? | Lux Air Services

Types of Air Conditioners we Clean in Brisbane

Ducted Units | Lux Air Services

Ducted Units

In order to avoid excessive amounts of indoor air pollution within your building, it will become necessary to clean your ducted unit air conditioning system. While, of course, it is feasible to perform this task by yourself – we would highly recommend avoiding this. The use of professional grade cleaning equipment used by professionally trained personnel is by far the safest and most efficient way to have your ducted unit air conditioning systems cleaned.
Air Conditioning

Split System Units

The use of such personnel becomes even more imperative for buildings using split system air conditioning units. Indeed, Lux Air Services experts would advise such units to undergo regular cleaning by professionals every two weeks. This regular maintenance schedule will go a long way towards ensuring optimum system working capacity – while also avoiding health risks to those who live/work in your building.
Multi-Split System Units

Multi-Split System Units

Along with split system air conditioning systems, multi-split systems should also undergo a regular bi-weekly cleaning regimen – under the careful eye of well-trained professionals using professional grade equipment.

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Benefits of AC Filter Cleaning Brisbane

Low Electricity Cost

Low Electricity Cost

Part and parcel with having your building’s air conditioning systems cleaned regularly by professionals – you will also experience lower electricity bills – as the air conditioning units will not be needing to work as hard with all the junk cleared away.
Improve Air Quality | Lux Air Services

Improve Air Quality

This goes without saying – but the primary reason to ensure your building’s air conditioning systems are being cleaned properly in a professional manner is to ensure your building’s air quality improves dramatically.


To have your air conditioning systems cleaned on the regular is to save costs in other facets of life as well. With improved air quality, hospital bills go down! So, too, as mentioned above, do your building’s electricity bills!
Air Conditioning Servicing | Lux Air Services
Air Filter Cleaning we Can Help Solve
    Lux Air Services is more than ready and willing to tackle any and all air conditioning cleaning needs and obstacles. We will help your building in a timely, professional manner – using all the latest professional grade air conditioning system cleaning tools.
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No hassle, no stress – no unsafe attempts to clean your building’s air conditioning systems by yourself. Just let Lux Air Services professionals take care of it all for you!

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This takes all the guessing out of each and every job. You can trust us to give you manageable, dependable fees.

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For all your air conditioning system cleaning needs – please do not hesitate to reach out to Lux Air Services today!

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As with any other professional outfit – we take your time and needs very seriously.

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Our professionally trained personnel – armed with professional grade equipment – travel to every building in need of air conditioning system cleaning in style!

High-Quality Air Filter Cleaning in Brisbane

While our total air conditioning system cleaning services are top of the line, we here at Lux Air Services also never skimp out when it comes to the small details either! If your building is in need of a simple air filter cleaning – we can tackle those as well!
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We have a 24/7 breakdown service and our team is ready to help. Please call us on

1300 417 397

Frequently Asked Questions

As stated above, a well maintained air conditioning system not only leads to improved indoor air quality for your entire building (and its population!) – but it will also save you money in many other ways in the long run as well.
Poor indoor air quality is one of the leading causes of health problems around the world. Particularly during the hot summer months, when many prefer to stay indoors to beat the heat – poor air conditioning unit maintenance can lead to a wide and terrifying array of breathing and overall health complications.
Are you abiding by the two week cleaning recommendations for air conditioning systems? No? If not, it may be time to contact Lux Air Services to seek professional, reliable help!
As stated just above – if you are failing to abide by the bi-weekly air conditioning cleaning regimen – this could have a greatly adverse effect on odours as well.
As written previously, a poorly maintained air conditioner filter can not only lead to high electricity bills – but also odours – and most importantly health complications as well!
Air Conditioning Systems | Lux Air Services

Looking for an Air Filter Cleaning Service in Brisbane?

If any or all of these potential air conditioner and/or air filter issues are becoming a hassle – or worse – a health hazard – to you and/or others living/working/residing in your building – please do not hesitate to reach out to Lux Air Services today! Soon – you too could experience professional grade help!

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