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Air Conditioning Maintenance Brisbane

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Air Conditioning Maintenance Brisbane

It is essential to ensure that your air conditioning system undergoes regular maintenance and servicing, similar to vehicles. It can help to avoid costly repairs or potential breakdowns in the future. Avoiding regular maintenance can often lead to higher expenses down the line.

Lux Air Services provides the best solution for your needs. Following a decision, our team will proceed with all the necessary steps.

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Air Conditioning Service
    Maintaining the comfort of your residential and commercial premises throughout the year is essential for businesses and homes . Scheduling regular air conditioning servicing for AC systems is crucial to ensuring your equipment is running optimally. We provide the following air conditioning services.
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Air conditioning servicing
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Air conditioning repairs
  • Thorough Air conditioning cleaning
  • Air conditioning replacement

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We have a 24/7 breakdown service and our team is ready to help. Please call us on 1300 417 397

Signs You Need To Fix Your Air Conditioner

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Unusual Odor

The presence of a strong, pungent odor may be indicative of burned wire insulation in the system, thus necessitating replacement. Musty smells, on the other hand, can suggest the presence of mold and therefore pose a potential health risk to your family.

Strange Sounds

Your air conditioner should operate efficiently with minimal noise. The motor may create some sound; however, it should not be deafening, nor should you hear grinding, squealing, or grating. If you experience this type of sound, it is best to address the issue quickly to prevent further damage or the need for a replacement unit.
Low Electricity Cost

Sudden spikes in utility bills

Suppose you have noticed an increase in your energy bills, but your air conditioner has been working as usual. In that case, it is wise to have it professionally inspected, as it is usually the largest consumer of energy in the household.

Warm air coming out of the vents

No one buys an AC unit merely for aesthetic purposes. Air conditioners have a practical goal: to provide a comfortable living environment during the warmer seasons.

During the summer months, a functioning air conditioner is essential. You should contact an experienced technician if it fails to produce a cool breeze.
Air Conditioning

No air flowing from your vents

Weak airflow is analogous to warm air. The air conditioning may trigger a cool breeze, but it is so faint that it doesn’t diffuse throughout the room. It could be a manifestation of a faulty compressor, or it could point to an underlying issue.

Given the unpredictability of this matter, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a technician for a tune-up. A specialist possesses the requisite expertise and proficiency to guarantee no more significant issues looming in the future.
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Air Conditioner Maintenance That We Can Help to Solve
    Our knowledgeable air conditioning specialists are available to handle any air conditioning situation, including but not limited to the following repair services:
  • Issues with Air Conditioning Draining Systems
  • Noisy Air Conditioners
  • Replacement of corroded fasteners.
  • Replacement of air conditioning system valves and compressors.
  • Relocation and installation of air conditioners for residential remodeling projects.
  • Installation of new ventilation systems, including fans and motors.
  • Heat Pump Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Revision and Reconfiguration of Ductwork.
Our Advantages
Why Choose Lux Air Services
Lux Air Services offers air conditioning maintenance services with qualified and professional technicians. Here are a few benefits that set us apart.
Jobs done right the first time.

We always have a resolution on the first instance and try to resolve it the first time.

Prompt response times

We are punctual and on time for maintenance and services.

Upfront, fixed quotes before the work starts.

Our pricing is transparent and upfront

Full-equipped trucks come to every job.

Our technicians have the correct type of equipment for the job.

Safe, respectful, and clean staff that you can trust

Our team is safe and respectful and ensures that the house is neat and clean post the resolution.

High-quality Air Conditioner Maintenance In Brisbane

At Lux Air Services, we offer quality, professionalism, and customer-centric services. We are committed to answering queries and educating our clients on the importance of maintaining a clean air conditioner. Our goal is to be your go-to source for all your air conditioning needs.
What Our Clients Say
Electrical Outlet & Switch Repair
Friendly and prompt service to replace the isolator switch on my stove/oven. Was able to troubleshoot the issue to resolve it, even though it didn't present as normal. Reliable, responsive and well priced. Thank you so much. - Rebecca Hamilton
What Our Clients Say
Outdoor Lighting Installation
Lux Air are a fantastic family run business. Their service is great and they are prompt with all communication. We use them for all our work at a our rental agency and couldn't be happier. - Kylie Woodbine
What Our Clients Say
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness
Matt and the team at Lux Air Services are second to none! Came and sorted out our faulty aircon in no time at all. Was suprised how fast they fixed the issue and will definitely be using them again. 10/10! - John Kefaloukos

We have a 24/7 breakdown service and our team is ready to help. Please call us on

1300 417 397

Frequently Asked Questions

Clogged drain lines are a common cause of water dripping from air conditioners. Dust and debris can accumulate and eventually block the drain hole, resulting in the collection of water that has nowhere to go and is forced to overflow the side.
If you encounter signs of a malfunctioning air conditioner, including frequent cycling, inadequate cooling performance, or difficulty achieving the desired temperature setting, a specialist should evaluate the issue.
Here are some signs of a bad AC condenser.
  1. Substantial cooling reduction.
  2. Detection of refrigerant leakage
  3. Unusual sound occurrences.
  4. Electrical dysfunctionality
Inadequate maintenance is the most common problem with AC.
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Lux Air Services is the ideal choice for the highest quality air conditioning services. Our team of experienced technicians is based in Brisbane and is constantly honing their technical skills to offer the best in the industry. Please make us your first stop for all your air conditioning needs.

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