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Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane

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AC Installation

Are you in need of air conditioning installation services in Brisbane? Lux Air Services provides air conditioning installation for any home or office space, from new air conditioner installations to servicing older models or installations.

We specialize in air conditioning solutions for residential and commercial properties, offering expert installation for ducted and split systems with all the installation work.

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Air Conditioning Systems | Lux Air Services
AC Installation that we can help to solve
    Our team of highly trained experts can install air conditioning systems professionally and cost-effectively. We take pride in our quality of work, ensuring a positive installation experience for all our customers.

    Our qualified staff can provide comprehensive guidance on the most suitable climate control system for your space, supplying and setting up a wide range of ducted and split system air conditioners.

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With Electrical

We have a 24/7 breakdown service and our team is ready to help. Please call us on 1300 417 397

Air Conditioning Repairs & Services | Lux Air Services
Choosing the Right Air Conditioner
    Lux Air Services can provide and install a selection of top-of-the-line split-system air conditioning units.

    Our team of expert residential and commercial air con technicians is available to advise you on the feasibility of installing an air conditioner in your space and choosing the right air conditioner for your needs. We arrange a suitable time to inspect the area and provide you with an estimate.

    At Lux Air Services, we strive to make installing an air conditioning system a breeze. Our experienced technicians are here to guide you through the process, providing clear and reliable advice and service.

    With our help, you can rest assured that your air conditioning installation is quick, efficient, and requires minimal maintenance.
Our Advantages
Why Choose Lux Air Services
Our highly qualified and experienced technicians at Lux Air Services provide air conditioning maintenance services with unparalleled professionalism. We stand out from the rest with these distinct advantages:
Jobs done right the first time

We strive to address any matters of concern on the initial attempt and aim to settle them expeditiously.

Prompt response times

We adhere to established maintenance and service schedules to ensure timeliness.

Upfront, fixed quotes before the work starts

Our services' cost is upfront and set at the outset of the project.

Full-equipped trucks at every job

It is our technicians' responsibility to fulfill the task with the proper tools.

Safe, respectful, & clean staff that you can trust

Our team maintains a safe and respectful environment and ensures that the house is kept tidy and orderly following the resolution.

High-quality Air Conditioner Installations in Brisbane

At Lux Air Services, we prioritise excellence, quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction in Brisbane. Our top priority is providing you with the best air conditioners for your needs. Our mission is to be the leading resource for all your air conditioning needs.

Our air conditioning technicians at Lux Air Services possess extensive knowledge and experience in providing a comprehensive range of heating and cooling solutions. Whether you require installation of a ducted heating system, servicing of a split system, or inspection for gas leaks, our team is available round-the-clock to cater to your needs.
Our team of highly skilled air conditioning installers in Brisbane are adept in their craft and eager to assist you.

With years of experience in the field, our technicians are well-versed in all aspects of air conditioning and are backed by our team of certified electricians. We hold all the necessary national and state licenses, including unrestricted air conditioning and electrical work licenses. Trust us to provide exceptional service and reliable solutions for all your air conditioning needs.

What Our Clients Say
Electrical Outlet & Switch Repair
Friendly and prompt service to replace the isolator switch on my stove/oven. Was able to troubleshoot the issue to resolve it, even though it didn't present as normal. Reliable, responsive and well priced. Thank you so much. - Rebecca Hamilton
What Our Clients Say
Outdoor Lighting Installation
Lux Air are a fantastic family run business. Their service is great and they are prompt with all communication. We use them for all our work at a our rental agency and couldn't be happier. - Kylie Woodbine
What Our Clients Say
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness
Matt and the team at Lux Air Services are second to none! Came and sorted out our faulty aircon in no time at all. Was suprised how fast they fixed the issue and will definitely be using them again. 10/10! - John Kefaloukos

We have a 24/7 breakdown service and our team is ready to help. Please call us on

1300 417 397

Frequently Asked Questions

Given the average lifespan of an air conditioner, you should anticipate replacing it every 10-15 years. As your AC ages, some components may no longer be available or compatible, meaning you may need to purchase an entirely new unit should an irreplaceable part break.
For optimal performance, installing the outdoor unit in a secure, dry, and well-ventilated area is recommended. Furthermore, it is necessary to keep the outdoor unit clear of trees and dusty regions (e.g., driveways) to maintain the air conditioner’s filters and reduce the risk of blockages.
Due to the ability of an AC unit to circulate air throughout a home, individuals may be at an increased risk of experiencing lung infections or asthmatic flare-ups. Poor air quality resulting from the spread of bacteria through the ventilation system may further exacerbate this risk.
Air Conditioning Systems | Lux Air Services

Get The Best Air Conditioning Specialist

Our professional air conditioning specialists at Lux Air Services are eager to assist you with your home or business air conditioning needs. Our team of highly qualified personnel is committed to delivering superior customer service and ensuring your satisfaction.

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