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Security Lighting Installation
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Security Lighting

There is often an oversight or misuse of lighting in crime prevention, but it is vital. It can also increase a person's sense of safety. Through environmental design, lighting plays a crucial role in crime prevention. You can protect your home and business and ensure their safety by installing security lighting.

It is possible to install security lighting in a home, business, industrial setting, institution, or military.

Lux Air Services provides all types of security lighting with a professional electrician that efficiently instals, maintains, and repairs the security lighting.

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Security Lighting Installation
Security Lighting & Its Types
    A security light effectively identifies persons or objects and deters criminal activity in the area it illuminates.

    Look for lights that provide at least 700 lumens, which is much brighter than general-purpose lighting. Your lights should be bright enough to see well but not too bright!

    Outdoor security lighting consists of four types: continuous illumination, emergency lighting, moveable illumination, and standby illumination.

    Our Professional electricians are licensed and experienced in installing security lighting at the proper location.

Continuous Lighting

Continuous lighting is one of the most common types of outdoor security lighting, which can provide excellent projection or controlled lighting. It was initially made for prisons and correctional institutions to provide continuous lighting.

This type of light is called a “barrier light,” It is particularly effective for lighting the perimeters of a building or the entrance to a site. It creates a strong visual and psychological deterrent by making it difficult for an intruder to see inside an area protected by such a “barrier.”

Standby Lighting

Standby lighting is another type of outdoor security lighting. It usually comprises continuous lighting systems but is designed for reserve or standby use. The constant lighting system will engage automatically or manually when it is not functioning or when there is a need for additional light.

Standby systems are most useful for occasional use or to light up a particular area when there is suspicion of an intruder.

Portable Or Movable Lighting

A third system employs moveable lighting hardware. An automated system is usually a series of moveable search or flood lights mounted at selected locations that require temporary lighting.

Additionally, the moveable system can provide supplemental and continuous or standby lighting. Construction sites benefit significantly from this system.

Lighting For Emergencies

Lastly, there are emergency lighting systems. In addition to the other three types of lighting, emergency lights may duplicate any of them. A power outage or a different emergency can require an emergency lighting system.

Emergency systems are unique because they rely on alternative power sources such as generators or batteries. In emergency lighting systems that use high-intensity discharge lamps, emergency lighting also serves as a backup illumination source.

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Security Lighting Installation
Benefits of Security Lighting
    An integral part of any perimeter security system is lighting. Security fences and walls have this as their first line of defence. The use of illumination improves the early detection of intruders, limits intruder movements, and prevents intruders from breaching perimeters. Here are a few more benefits of security lighting.
  • Monitoring distances at a more advanced level
  • Enhanced detection of movement
  • CCTV cameras have a higher degree of clarity
  • Prevent intrusions
  • Mind at ease.
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Why Choose Lux Air Services For Security Lighting?
At Lux Air Services, we service the greater Brisbane area with a complete range of services for industrial, commercial, and domestic security lighting needs. Here are a few benefits of choosing us.
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Need Efficient and Safe Installation of Security Lighting?

Lux Air Services provides a range of all types of security Lighting that are useful to locate any crime at night. We deliver premium security lighting in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and nearby areas. We aim to keep you and your family safe with these illuminated security lighting.

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