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AC Full Chemical Cleaning, Brisbane

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AC Full Chemical Cleaning

Are you experiencing a lower cooling efficiency from your aircon than when it was still brand new? While some may consider this a sign of ageing, it may signify that your unit needs cleaning. If your computer wants to perform optimally, you must maintain its performance level.

A frequent source of this problem is the dust that builds up in a neglected air conditioner over time. Without regular servicing, dirt can enter the unit and impede its performance by clogging drains, pipes, and filters.

It is highly beneficial to contact an air conditioning specialist as soon as possible when noticing any malfunction.

Doing so can help prevent the costly expenses of replacing the unit. Early recognition of potential issues can result in more economical repair costs rather than leaving it unchecked and possibly facing a pricey replacement.

Lux Air Services offers high-quality AC complete chemical cleaning in Brisbane. We have extensive experience in AC chemical cleaning services.

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Types of Air Conditioners we Clean in Brisbane

Our air conditioner cleaning services specialise in servicing all types and models of air conditioning units. These include:
Ducted Units | Lux Air Services

Ducted Units

Ducted units are a popular way to regulate the temperature in Brisbane by transferring treated air from a central source to individual spaces through air ducts. These systems are typically seen in larger areas such as shopping centers or professional rooms but are also available in many domestic residences across Australia.

Our certified technicians at our facility provide comprehensive duct-heating cleaning services to buildings from a centralised location and throughout the ductwork.
Air Conditioning

Split System Units

As their designation suggests, Split systems are composed of two components – one inside and another externally. The indoor unit absorbs heat while the external pumps cool air into the indoor area, resulting in a comfortable climate in the building.

Our team performs ac air vent cleaning to guarantee optimal performance with only fresh, fantastic air circulation.
Multi-Split System Units

Multi-Split System Units

In contrast to a split system, a multi-split system can simultaneously cool multiple rooms through a single compressor. Connecting numerous indoor units to one external unit is possible.

Our highly experienced technicians can effortlessly clean your multi-split system units down to the smallest detail.

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Benefits of a Complete Chemical Cleaning in Brisbane

Improve Air Quality | Lux Air Services

Better air quality

If the air conditioner is left unclean, a buildup of dust will occur. This dust can provide an ideal environment for microbes, fungi, bacteria, and mould growth.

Keeping your family aware of organisms that can harm health is essential. It could trigger respiratory problems and asthma.

Keeping your air conditioner clean is crucial for reducing the risk and improving your home’s air quality.

It enhances the energy efficiency of your unit

With the accumulation of dirt, the air conditioner is working harder to achieve the same level of cooling efficiency. It will lead to an increase in energy consumption and a higher electricity bill.

A chemical cleaning of the air conditioner will help to remove the dirt and restore its performance, ensuring optimal energy efficiency.
Multi-Split System Units

Increased AC life

Maintaining the longevity of your aircon unit requires a chemical wash that goes beyond just cleaning the team; a qualified technician will assess the individual parts and advise you on any necessary repairs or replacements.

Just like servicing your car, regular aircon maintenance can help to ensure optimum performance.

Long-term cost savings

It is advisable to undertake regular air conditioner cleaning in Brisbane, QLD, even if the unit appears to function correctly. If dust and debris accumulate, it may result in more costly repairs in the future or, in the worst-case scenario, necessitate the replacement of the entire air conditioner.
Air Conditioning Servicing | Lux Air Services
AC - Full Chemical Cleaning Problem That we can Help to Solve
    Our team boasts an extensive background in air conditioner servicing across Brisbane and surrounding regions. We are knowledgeable in all major air conditioner models and brands.

    Our goal at Lux Air Services is to provide the highest level of service with complete air conditioning and chemical cleaning. From the initial contact to the completion of the project, our focus is to ensure customer satisfaction.
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High-quality Full Chemical Cleaning for your AC in Brisbane

Air conditioners can be a hotspot for mould, bacteria, and fungi growth. Air conditioners release volatile organic chemicals and other contaminants into the home environment.

Inhalation of these contaminants can have a detrimental effect on the lungs, while the biological allergens they contain can potentially lead to asthmatic episodes.

Lux Air Services is committed to providing superior service to ensure your HVAC system runs optimally. Routine maintenance can not only extend the life of your equipment while saving on costs but also significantly improve indoor air quality, allowing you to breathe easily.
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Electrical Outlet & Switch Repair
Friendly and prompt service to replace the isolator switch on my stove/oven. Was able to troubleshoot the issue to resolve it, even though it didn't present as normal. Reliable, responsive and well priced. Thank you so much. - Rebecca Hamilton
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Outdoor Lighting Installation
Lux Air are a fantastic family run business. Their service is great and they are prompt with all communication. We use them for all our work at a our rental agency and couldn't be happier. - Kylie Woodbine
What Our Clients Say
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness
Matt and the team at Lux Air Services are second to none! Came and sorted out our faulty aircon in no time at all. Was suprised how fast they fixed the issue and will definitely be using them again. 10/10! - John Kefaloukos

We have a 24/7 breakdown service and our team is ready to help. Please call us on

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chemical cleaning eliminates dust and dirt particles obstructing your AC’s filter, leading to a cleaner air supply throughout your home. A dirty and impeded air filter can lead to a deterioration of indoor air quality and potential respiratory problems. Regular maintenance of your filter can maximise system efficiency and lower energy costs.
It is recommended by leading air conditioning brands to have seasonal cleaning and regular maintenance to eliminate pollutants.

Regular AC maintenance can improve the AC’s performance and promote energy efficiency. A neglected air conditioner may require more energy to deliver cool air or may not provide optimal cooling due to issues such as a lack of refrigerant.
Air Conditioning Systems | Lux Air Services

Are You Looking for AC Full Chemical Cleaning in Brisbane?

Lux Air Services is a premier air conditioning maintenance and installation solution provider. We specialise in ducted, split-cycle, and ceiling cassette systems, ensuring your air is free from mould and bacteria for healthy breathing.

Our company offers a high-grade air conditioning cleaning service you and your family can count on throughout Australia.

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