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30 Jan, 2023
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Ceiling Fan with Light Installation

Ceiling fans and lights are two essential things in our homes that complete the house and make it comfortable. For a good reason, we can only think of a place as livable when these two are available. They come in so handy and are such a vital part of our lives that sometimes we don’t even know how much we rely on them! Along with being highly functional, they have evolved into various forms of eye-pleasing aesthetics. A ceiling fan with light installed is elegant, chic, and highly flattering in your indoors when selected correctly. Are you intrigued by the idea? Read on for more information!

Key Considerations When Buying Ceiling Fans With Lights

We understand if you feel overwhelmed by your number of choices when buying ceiling fans with lights. You may have seen one somewhere and might have loved the idea. You may have seen someone posting a photo of their newly installed ceiling fan with lights, and you want to replicate the look. But before you invest in it, we want to share some points you might want to consider.


The designs we like and opt for often need to feel right in your space. Knowing if the particular design will go with the overall look is equally important. And with the numerous designs available for us to look at online or in a store are so many, it is natural to feel baffled. Or worse, select the wrong design for your home. To avoid the wrong selection, you can consult someone with experience in selecting the right lights and ceiling fans.

Motor Type

You want to choose a ceiling fan with light that is energy efficient and does not consume more electricity while also improving the aesthetics of a home. Check if the fan uses a single-phase induction motor and whether it works well with the light settings. For clarity, speak with your electrician before deciding on investing in a new fan or changing your current ceiling fan.


There are several mounting options you can choose from based on the design of your fan, the height of your ceiling, and the size of your room. The most common options are single-mount fans, dual-mount fans, and hugger-mount fans. If you have false ceilings, you want to know if the ceiling fan with lights can support the weight. It is best to contact a trusted and licensed electrician for these matters.

Ceiling Height

Based on your ceiling height, you can decide whether to go for three, four, or five blades in your ceiling fan. The ceiling height will also be a deciding factor in determining the design of the type of light fixture you want to install.

Types of Lights for Ceiling Fans

LED Lights

The wonderful thing about LED lights in ceiling fans is that the light bulb lasts much longer than one with incandescent lighting – so you can enjoy your fan for much longer! Some LED lights can last up to six years, saving you a lot of money and energy.

Fluorescent Lights

Ceiling fans with fluorescent lights will brighten your space while being stylish and modern. They not only give your room an elegant touch but are also very durable and efficient while being environmentally friendly.

Halogen Lights

Halogen lights are usually lightweight and are great for task lighting. These are a little brighter for living areas or bedrooms but can be a great option in the kitchen or study rooms. These also operate at a higher temperature, so you must decide the correct space it best works in.

Frequently Asked Questions

By circulating air more efficiently, ceiling fans with lights help to create a pleasant atmosphere, allowing one to feel more comfortable without having to resort to cooling the air or extra lights in the room.
If you’d like to have greater control over your ceiling fan and lighting, it’s best to switch them separately.

Depending on the type of ceiling fan with lights you choose, the difficulty level in installing it, the number of fans you want to be replaced/installed, and your electrician’s fee, the cost to install a ceiling fan may vary.

At Lux Air Services, we make installing ceiling fan lights a breeze! Our services are accessible and dependable, so you can trust that your installation will be taken care of. Give us a call for a quote today, and let’s get started!

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