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01 Mar, 2023
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The Importance of Regular AC Maintenance with a Professional AC Electrician in Brisbane

As the summer season approaches, it is prudent to make sure your air conditioning (AC) unit is functioning optimally. Investing in preventive maintenance by a certified AC electrician can improve the unit’s operational efficiency and reduce the need for expensive repairs and prolong its service lifespan.
At Lux Air Services, our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience to identify and rectify any issues while adhering to local regulations and building codes to guarantee your unit’s safe and effective operation. It ensures our customers that their unit is in optimal condition.

Importance of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

Energy savings add up

Adhering to a regular maintenance schedule for your air conditioner can result in improved efficiency and longevity, not to mention a reduced energy bill. Proactive upkeep can identify and address any potential performance issues, allowing for a more cost-effective cooling solution in the long term.

Reduces stress on your system

As time passes, the build-up of dirt and debris in your ducts and filters can block the airflow from your air conditioner, creating an added burden on the system to produce the same amount of air. 
It not only affects the performance of your air conditioner but can also lead to significant increases in energy costs. So, it is essential to maintain your ac in good condition to avoid such scenarios.

Improves your overall comfort

It is imperative to ensure that your air conditioning units are maintained frequently to avoid any significant breakdown issues, which can be highly disruptive to your schedule and extremely irritating to deal with during hot weather.

Eliminates extra noise

The buzzing sound from the system can be when ice has formed on the evaporator coils. Common causes of this are refrigerant leaks due to damaged piping or a malfunctioning expansion valve and inadequate air circulation due to a clogged air filter. In this case, cleaning the ac and maintaining it is necessary.

Increase system efficiency

Properly servicing an air conditioning system ensures that it runs optimally and can provide an even temperature throughout the home or business. Regular maintenance helps to ensure that the unit is performing efficiently, thus providing a comfortable atmosphere.

Purify air quality

Maintaining an air conditioner is essential for ensuring clean air circulation throughout a home or business. Regular upkeep of the unit helps prevent mould, dust, and other allergens, thereby improving the quality of the indoor atmosphere.

What's Done During Regular AC Maintenance?

Maintaining one’s air conditioning system is crucial to providing comfort in our daily lives, particularly during the warmer summer months. 
Ensuring that your AC unit works at maximum efficiency and longevity requires periodic maintenance. Generally, this consists of the following:
  1. Coil cleaning for condensers
  2. Refrigerant level check
  3. Cleaning and inspecting the air filters
  4. Lubricating the moving parts
  5. Ductwork inspection
  6. System testing

Why You Need A Professional To Conduct Regular AC Maintenance

Engaging a specialised technician for air conditioner upkeep guarantees comprehensive professional servicing and repair of your unit.
An experienced technician possesses the specialised skills to accurately identify and address issues while adhering to local laws and building codes. It will ensure that your unit runs safely and efficiently, giving you the necessary assurance.
Routine upkeep of air conditioners is critical for enhancing energy efficiency, maintaining indoor air quality, prolonging service life, optimising system performance, and ensuring safety.
It is paramount to arrange periodic air conditioner upkeep with an expert to preserve a productive and comfortable ambient temperature throughout the year. Avoid waiting for the summer months to begin and take preventive action today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regularly scheduled HVAC system maintenance can minimise the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Additionally, regular upkeep of the unit can extend its life expectancy and improve its energy efficiency, resulting in reduced energy costs and a lower overall replacement cost.

Our professional technician will undertake a service call to clean and service the system and replace the air conditioning filter. It will help to reduce allergen levels in the home and ensure optimal airflow.

Here are some reasons for ac breakdowns.

  1. The HVAC filter is dirty.
  2. A malfunctioning thermostat.
  3. Issues with evaporator coils.
  4. The coils on AC condensers are dirty.
  5. Leaks in the refrigeration system. 
  6. Lines clogged with debris.
  7. There is a problem with the capacitor.

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